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Freebox Delta Server

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The latest Freebox Delta Server, supplied by Freebox, the French internet service provider, is the first modem/router compatible with the 10 Gbit/s FTTH 10G-EPON standard for general public use.

Freebox delta server electronic board - System Plus Consulting

Thanks to its continuous innovation strategy, in December 2018 the French Internet service provider Free launched the first modem/router compatible with the Fiber-to-the Home 10 Gbit/s Ethernet Passive Optical Network (FTTH 10G-EPON) standard for general public use.

Led by the ever-changing broadband technology, with 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) videos, the Internet of Things and other innovative services, Internet service providers keep setting higher require-ments for access networks and bandwidth.

Using a Marvell ARMv8 Quad-core Central Processing Unit (CPU) and Qualcomm Wireless Local Area Network System on Chip (WLAN SoC) for the AC4400 Wi-Fi standard, the Freebox Delta Server is one of the most powerful modem/router products on the market today for consumer use.

The user is free to choose one of two optional modules based on their network features, either:

An optical module to enjoy optical network speed up to 10Gbit/s.

Or a fourth generation wireless net-working protocol (4G) module to boost the asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) speed with 4G technology, making it up to ten times faster than its original speed.

Added to this first module, a second extra “Security Module” is also available. This module makes the Freebox into a smart central alarm unit. This is an entire pack containing also a Wi-Fi camera, a door- or window-opening detector, a movement detector and a dedicated remote control.

Based on a complete teardown analysis of the server, the report provides the detailed bill-of-material (BOM), the manufacturing cost of the server, optical module and security module and then estimates a final manufacturer price.

Freebox delta server electronic board - System Plus Consulting Freebox delta server electronic board - System Plus Consulting Freebox delta server external view - System Plus Consulting
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  • Executive Summary
  • Main Features

Company Profile

Teardown Analysis

  • Views and Dimensions of the System
  • System Opening
  • Electronic Boards
  • Overview
  • High Definition Photo
  • Component Markings and Identification

Cost Analysis

  • PCB Cross Sections and Cost Analysis
  • BOM Cost – Electronic Boards
  • BOM Cost – Others
  • Material Cost Breakdown
  • Accessing the Added Value (AV) Cost
  • Manufacturing Cost Breakdown

Estimated Price Analysis

  • Estimation of the Manufacturer Price
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