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FLIR Systems FLIR ONE Consumer Thermal Imager with LEPTON Microbolometer

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Initially focused on the military market, uncooled thermal camera sales have grown significantly due to the substantial cost reduction of microbolometers and growing adoption in commercial markets. Plugged into the back of an IPhone 5 or 5S, the FLIR ONE is the first consumer thermal camera featuring Long Wave Infrared (LWIR) technology.

The thermal camera uses a new core, LEPTON, featuring a 80×60 pixels resolution with pixel size of 17µm.  Thanks to its strong integration at the core level with innovative wafer-level optics (WLO), wafer-level packaging (WLP) and custom ASIC use, this is the world’s smallest microbolometer-based thermal imaging camera core.

Based on complete teardown analyses of the FLIR ONE and the LEPTON core, the reports provide the bill-of-material (BOM) and the manufacturing cost of the infrared camera as well as a complete physical analysis and manufacturing cost estimation of the infrared module.


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FLIR ONE System (75 pages)

Overview/Introduction, FLIR Company Profile, Main Features

Physical Analysis

  • Packaging
  • Views and Dimensions of the Housing
  • FLIR ONE Disassembly
  • Main Board
  • Components Markings & Identification
  • USB Board
  • Sonix PC Camera Controller Analysis

Cost Analysis

  • Accessing the BOM
  • Estimation of the cost of the PCBs
  • Estimation of the Cost of the Lepton Camera Module
  • Estimation of the Cost of the Sonix Camera Controller
  • Material Cost Breakdown
  • Accessing the Added Value (AV) Cost
  • Boards Manufacturing Flow & AV Cost
  • Housing & Packaging Assembly AV Cost
  • Estimation of the Selling Price

LEPTON Infrared Camera Module (150 pages)

 Overview/Introduction, Company Profiles, Main Features

 Physical Analysis

  • LEPTON Module
  • View & Dimensions
  • Disassembly & Cross-Section
  • ASIC
  • Delayering & Main Blocks Identification
  • Cross-Section & Process Characteristics
  • Infrared Sensor
  • Microbolometer & ROIC Views & Dimensions
  • Pixel Details, Delayering
  • Cross-Section & Process Characteristics

Manufacturing Process Flow

  • ROIC Process
  • Microbolometer Process Flow
  • Wafer Fabrication Unit

Cost Analysis

  • ROIC & Microbolometer Wafer & Die Cost
  • ASIC Wafer & Die Cost
  • Camera Module Assembly Cost
  • LEPTON Camera Module Cost & Price
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