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Fairchild FIS1100

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Fairchild enters the market of combo sensors, and particularly 6-axis IMU, with its first consumer IMU bundled with Fairchild’s high-performance 9-axis sensor fusion algorithms, XKF3™, and on-chip AttitudeEngine™ motion processor.

Fairchild is presenting a product completely different than other devices on the market, from size, manufacturing process and cost point of view.

Fairchild proposes a 3.3×3.3x1mm device, a footprint increased by 18% when compared with the latest STMicroelectronics and Bosch 6-axis IMU.

The device presents one ASIC and one MEMS die stacked on 2 layers PCB and connected by wire bonding. The electrical connections in the MEMS structure are performed by TSV which allows a better utilization of the space and a larger gyroscope and accelerometer areas.

On the process side, new techniques has been introduced in the MEMS fabrication. The MEMS die is manufactured by bulk micromachining on three wafers bonded together by eutectic and direct bonding.

The FIS1100 targets wearable sensors for sports, fitness, and health; pedestrian navigation; autonomous robots; and virtual and augmented reality.

The report includes a detailed technology and cost comparison with ST’s new generation LSM6DS3 and with leading edge 6-Axis IMUs from Bosch Sensortec (BMI160) and InvenSense (MPU-6500).

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Overview / Introduction

Fairchild Company Profile

Physical Analysis

  • Physical Analysis Methodology
  • Package
    • Package Characteristics Marking & Pin-out
    • Package Opening & Wire Bonding Process
    • Package Cross-Section
  • ASIC Die
    • View, Dimensions & Marking
    • Delayering & Main Blocks Identification
    • Process Identification
    • Cross-Section
  • MEMS Die
    • View, Dimensions & Marking
    • Bond Pad Opening & Bond Pads Details
    • Cap Removed & Cap Details
    • Sensing Areas Details
    • Cross-Section (Sensor, Cap & Sealing)
    • Process Characteristics
    • Fairchild Patents

Technology comparison with STMicroelectronics LSM6DS0, Bosch Sensortec BMI160 and InvenSense MPU-6500

Manufacturing Process Flow

  • Global Overview
  • ASIC Front-End Process
  • MEMS Process Flow
  • Wafer Fabrication Units
  • Packaging Process Flow & Assembly Unit

Cost Analysis

  • Yields Hypotheses
  • ASIC Front-End Cost
  • ASIC Back-End : Probe Test & Dicing Cost
  • ASIC Wafer & Die Cost
  • MEMS Front-End Cost
  • MEMS Front-End Cost per process steps
  • MEMS Back-End : Probe Test & Dicing Cost
  • MEMS Wafer & Die Cost
  • Back-End : Packaging Cost
  • Back-End : Final Test & Calibration Cost
  • FIS1100 Component Cost

Price Analysis

  • Fairchild Financial Results
  • FIS1100 Selling Price Estimation

Cost & Price comparison with ST, Bosch Sensortec and InvenSense 6-Axis IMUs

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