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e-bike computer display comparison - System Plus Consulting

e-Bikes Computer Display Comparison 2019

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On-board computers are the link between the riders and their e-bikes, discover the manufacturers’ technical choices and the device manufacturing costs.

e-bike computer display comparison - System Plus Consulting

The growing development of electric bikes (e-bikes) induces the need for connectivity functions between the extreme sporty riders as well as the Sunday cyclists and their electrical powerful machines.

A few renowned manufacturers share this e-bike market, which today represents an increasing turnover of around $7 Billion.

The display gives all riding data at a glance: speed, battery charge level, it also enables the selection of support settings (walk, Eco to maximum boost modes). The trips are recorded and the data can be transmitted to the smartphone via a bluetooth low energy (BLE) connection.

We analyze four e-bike computer displays, each of them is detailed in a dedicated report: Shimano SC-E6100, Shimano SC-E8000, Yamaha Display A and Bosch Kiox.

In the final comparative report, we highlight the technical choices made by manufacturers at the PCB, electronic component and hardware levels. Diagrams help readers understand component functions and mechanical design. Different tables compare the common chipsets and the main parts identified, as well as their respective costs. Then, combined with manufacturing assumptions, a manufacturing price is estimated for each system.

Block Diagram Shimano E6100Part Collection - Yamaha Display AElectronic board - e-bike computer display comparison
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The 4 analyzed systems Shimano SC-E6100, Shimano SC-E8000, Yamaha Display A and Bosch Kiox each includes the following content:


  • Executive Summary

Teardown Analysis

  • Global Views of the System
  • Views and Dimensions
  • System Opening
  • Electronic Board
  • Display Module

Cost Analysis

  • Accessing the BOM
  • Accessing the Added Value (AV) cost
  • Manufacturing Cost Breakdown

Manufacturing Price


The comparison report includes:


  • Executive Summary

Specifications Comparison

  • Main Features
  • Dimensions

Physical Comparison

  • Main Chipset
  • PCB Technology
  • Display Technology
  • Part Collection

Cost Comparison

  • BoM Cost
  • Added-Value Cost
  • Manufacturing Cost
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