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Denso DNMWR009 Cruise Control RADAR Distance Sensor overview

Denso DNMWR009 Cruise Control Radar Distance Sensor

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A cruise control radar distance sensor with Infineon SiGe CMOS Technology for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

Denso DNMWR009 Cruise Control RADAR Distance Sensor overview

In the world of the automobile, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems have become a must-have for all new cars and for autonomous driving. Manufacturers are developing ever more efficient radars to ensure a better, safer drive. All manufacturers are working to improve the performance and quality of their radars. In this race for the best radar Denso faces competitors like Continental, Veoneer, ZF, Valeo, Bosch, Aptiv, Mando and Ainstein.

With the DNMWR009, Denso offers a more compact system than its previous version. The placement of the antennas has also been modified.

Denso manufactures the radar to match Toyota RAV4 specifications. The objective is a cruise control radar distance sensor to control vehicle speed and maintain a predefined minimum distance to the vehicle in front. It offers a technical solution that includes chips from manufacturers such as NXP Semiconductor for the MicroController Unit (MCU) and Infineon for the Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC). Denso differs from its competitors by using an Infineon power amplifier with the transmitter.

Based on a complete teardown analysis of the Denso radar, the report provides the bill-of-material (BOM) and the manufacturing cost of the radar sensor. The report also includes a physical analysis of the MCU, a complete cost analysis and selling price estimation.

Denso DNMWR009 Cruise Control RADAR Distance Sensor
Denso DNMWR009 Cruise Control RADAR Distance Sensor back Denso DNMWR009 Cruise Control RADAR Board
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  • Executive Summary
  • Main Chipset
  • Block Diagram

Company Profile

Physical Analysis

  • Views and Dimensions of the Radar
  • System Opening
  • Main Board
  • External View
  • High Definition Photo
  • Components Markings and Identification
  • RF Board
  • Radar Configuration

Cost Analysis

  • Assessing the BOM
  • PCB Cost
  • Estimation – Integrated Circuit
  • Estimation of the Cost of the Connector
  • BOM Cost – Electronic Boards
  • BOM Cost – Housing
  • Material Cost Breakdown by Sub-Assembly
  • Material Cost Breakdown by Component Category
  • Assessing the Added Value (AV) cost
  • Electronic Board Manufacturing Flow
  • Details of the Main Board AV Cost
  • Details of the System Assembly AV Cost
  • Added-Value Cost Breakdown
  • Manufacturing Cost Breakdown

Estimated Price Analysis

  • Estimation of the Selling Price
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