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Bose Automotive Audio Amplifier

Bose Automotive Audio Amplifier

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Physical and cost analysis of the Bose Audio Amplifier found in the Renault Talisman.

In the world of the automobile, sound is an important element for comfort of the driver and passengers. In order to have the best sound, constructors collaborate with specialized companies. In this race for the best possible sound, the manufacturers make customized products to match the different models of cars. Previously reserved for the most elite brands – Aston Martin, Audi, Ferrari, Maserati or Porsche – their solutions are now spilling over into more general brands and reaching more customers. Boston Acoustics is working with Chrysler, Pioneer with Ford, JBL with Toyota, Focal with PSA, and now Bose with Renault.

Bose Automotive Audio Amplifier

Bose has great knowledge of automotive sound. Bose therefore manufactured the amplifier to match the Renault Talisman’s structure. The objective is to amplify the power of the sound in several channels, while keeping good quality of sound. It offers a technical solution together with manufacturers such as Atmel for the microcontroller, Cirrus Logic for the audio converter and the CODEC integrated circuit, and STMicroelectronics for the audio amplifiers.

This report presents a complete teardown analysis of Bose Audio Amplifier from the Renault Talisman. Based on this, it provides the bill-of-material (BOM) and manufacturing cost of the Audio Amplifier. The report also offers a complete physical analysis and manufacturing cost estimate for every part, including the different mechanical frames.

Bose Automotive Audio Amplifier Bose Automotive Audio Amplifier Bose Automotive Audio Amplifier


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  • Executive Summary
  • Main Chipset
  • Block Diagram
  • Reverse Costing Methodology
  • Glossary

Company Profile

  • Bose Corporation

Teardown Analysis

  • Views and Dimensions
  • System Opening
  • Main Electronic Board

Cost Analysis

  • Assessing the BOM
  • PCB Cost
  • BOM Cost – Main Electronic Board
  • Housing Parts – Estimation
  • BOM Cost – Housing
  • Material Cost Breakdown by Sub-Assembly
  • Material Cost Breakdown by Component Category
  • Assessing the Added Value (AV) Cost
  • Electronic Board Manufacturing Flow
  • Details of the Main Electronic Board AV Cost
  • Details of the System Assembly AV Cost
  • Added-Value Cost Breakdown
  • Manufacturing Cost Breakdown

Estimated Manufacturer Price Analysis

  • Estimation of the Manufacturer Price
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