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Bosch BMF055 MEMS gyro Acc 6-axis system plus consulting

BOSCH Sensortec BMF055

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Like its competitor InvenSense, BOSCH Sensortec has unveiled a programmable all-in-one motion sensor for robotics, gaming, and household IoT devices, touted as the industry’s first custom-programmable 9-axis motion sensor.  

The BMF055 is a new version of the BOSCH Sensortec 9-axis device (3-axis Gyroscope + 3-axis Accelerometer + 3-axis Magnetometer), with a MCU included in the package. Compared to the stand-alone sensor hub, this new approach eliminates a package and reduces system-level power. This device integrates six-chip in a complex System-in-Package.

The sensor hub combines a 14-bit accelerometer, a 16-bit gyroscope, and a geomagnetic sensor with a 32-bit ARM Cortex M0+ core. Compared to rivals, BOSCH Sensortec targets a broader range of customer applications with a high precision-sensor and dedicated MCU.

With BOSCH Sensortec’s approach, the MEMS sensor and the ASIC are fabricated separately. Final assembly entails wire bonding of all parts . The BMF055 is shipped in a 5.8×3.2×1.15mm LGA package, a footprint that’s larger than the competition.

This report features a detailed technology and cost comparison with the leading-edge sensor hub from InvenSense, highlighting the different choices from the two different designers.

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Overview / Introduction

Bosch Company Profile

Physical analysis

  • Package
    • Package characteristics: view, dimensions, and opening
    • Package cross-section
  • ASIC Dies
    • View, dimensions, and markings
    • Delayering and main blocks ID
    • Cross-section
    • Process characteristics
  • MEMS Dies
    • View, dimensions, and markings
    • Bond pad opening and bond pad
    • MEMS cap removed and details
    • Sensing area details
    • MEMS cross-section
    • MEMS process characteristics
  • MCU Die
    • View, dimensions, and markings
    • Delayering and main blocks ID
    • Process and die cross-section
    • Die process characteristics
  • Magnetometer Die
    • View, dimensions, and markings
    • Hall sensor and fluxgate sensor
    • Delayering and main blocks ID
    • Process and die cross-section
    • Die process characteristics

Manufacturing Process Flow

  • Global overview
  • ASIC front-end process
  • MEMS process flow
  • Magnetometer process flow
  • ASIC, MEMS, and MCU wafer fabrication unit
  • Packaging process flow and assembly unit

Cost Analysis

  • Main steps of economic analysis
  • Yields hypotheses
  • ASIC & MCU front-end cost
  • ASIC & MCU back-end 0: probe test and dicing
  • ASIC & MCU wafer & die cost
  • MEMS front-end cost
  • MEMS front-end cost per process steps
  • MEMS back-end 0: probe test and dicing
  • MEMS wafer and die cost
  • Magnetometer CMOS front-end cost
  • Magnetometer sensor cost
  • Magnetometer sensor cost per process steps
  • Magnetometer back-end 0: probe test and dicing
  • Magnetometer wafer and die cost
  • Back-end: packaging cost
  • Back-end: packaging cost per process steps
  • Back-end: final test cost
  • Component cost and price

Cost & price comparison with InvenSense ICM-30630 6-Axis Sensor Hub

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