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GaN Systems GaNpx Top Cooled – AT&S ECP® Embedded Power Die Package

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GaN Systems offers for GS66508T (650V, 30A) a top-side cooling using AT&S ECP® embedded die packaging process. Compared to the bottom-side cooling approach, this new power packaging process allows to reduce the package footprint by 60% for a cost 40% cheaper!

The GS66508P is packaged is an innovative embedded die package developed by AT&S (ECP® process). This package has no wire bonding to reduce the inductance and a design to increase the heat management using the two sides of the die.

The new position of the die in the package allows to enhance the thermal dissipation. Moreover a simplification of the process reduces the time and the cost of manufacturing.

The report includes a complete physical analysis of the packaging process, with details on all technical choices regarding process, equipment and materials.

The report also features a comparison with GaNpx bottom-side cooled packaging and with AT&S first generation ECP® process in order to understand the different technology choices made.

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Overview / Introduction

GS66508T Characteristics

Physical Analysis

  • Physical Analysis Methodology
  • Package
    • Views & Dimensions
    • Marking
    • Top-Side Delayering
    • Bottom-Side Delayering
  • Package Cross-Section
    • Overview
    • Through-Vias Cross-Section
    • Micro-Vias Cross-Section
    • EDX Material Analysis
  • Die
    • Redistribution Cross-Section
    • Die Views & Dimensions
  • GaNpx – ECP® technology
  • Adaptation of AT&S ECP® package for high voltage power
  • Comparison with GaNpx Bottom-Side Cooling

Manufacturing Process Flow

  • Global Overview
  • GaNpx Packaging Fabrication Unit
  • GaNpx Packaging Process Flow

Cost Analysis

  • Main steps of economic analysis
  • GaNpx package
    • Yields Hypotheses
    • ECP Panel Efficiency
    • GaNpx package Cost
    • GaNpx package Cost per process steps
  • GS66508T Component
    • GS66508T Final Test Cost
    • GS66508T Component Cost

Price estimation

Cost Comparison with bottom-side cooling

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