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Apple iPhone 7 Plus: MEMS Microphones

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The MEMS microphone market has enjoyed continuous growth since its debut , and Yole Développement forecasts a 10% CAGR from 2015 – 2021 due to increased smartphone and home appliance integration. Indeed, MEMS microphones’ penetration rate in smartphones is already close to 100%.

The Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus each have four MEMS microphones: a front-facing top microphone, two front-facing bottom microphones and a rear-facing top microphone.  In every iPhone 7 Plus we examined, we observed a Knowles design win for the rear-facing top microphone and an STMicroelectronics design win for the front-facing top microphone. The two front-facing bottom microphones were sourced by either Knowles or Goertek. On the process side, we observed for the first time full in-house manufacturing by STMicroelectronics, which now makes the MEMS die internally without relying on OMRON. This new integration confirms  a new manufacturing process developed by STMicroelectronics. Goertek, which still relies on Infineon for die manufacturing, integrates the latest Infineon MEMS microphone process, which delivers a differential MEMS microphone using a dual backplate technology. The third manufacturer, Knowles, made strategic technical choices which allowed it to have the smallest MEMS die. Lastly, all four microphones share the same Apple-specific package dimensions, but with different internal structures (number of substrate metal layers, embedded capacitance, etc.). These three reports can be purchased separately or all together in order to compare the technology and pricing of these three key Apple iPhone suppliers. In fact, the three-report bundle includes a complete comparison of the three components .

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Overview/Introduction Company Profile and Supply Chain iPhone 7 Plus – Teardown Physical Analysis

  • Package
    • Package views and dimensions
    • Package opening
    • Package cross-section
  • ASIC Die
    • View, dimensions and marking
    • Dicing
    • Delayering and process
    • Cross-section
  • MEMS Die
    • View, dimensions and marking
    • Dicing
    • Bond pads
    • Membrane and backplate
    • Anti-stiction bumps
    • Cavity
    • Cross-sections

Manufacturing Process Flow

  • ASIC front-end process
  • ASIC wafer fabrication unit
  • MEMS process flow
  • MEMS wafer fabrication unit
  • Packaging process flow
  • Package assembly unit

Cost Analysis

  • Yield hypotheses
  • ASIC front-end cost
  • ASIC back-end 0: probe test and dicing
  • ASIC wafer and die cost
  • MEMS front-end cost
  • MEMS back-end 0: probe test and dicing
  • MEMS front-end cost per process steps
  • MEMS wafer and die cost
  • Back-end: packaging cost
  • Back-end: packaging cost per process steps
  • Back-end: final test cost
  • Microphone component cost

Estimated Selling Price

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