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Apple iPhone 6 / 6 Plus Front Camera Module from Sony

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For the iPhone 6 FaceTime camera module, Apple continues to integrate a 1.2Mpixel resolution CMOS Image Sensor. 81% of light sensitivity has been increased by using the camera aperture f/2.2, rising the pixel size from 1.75µm to 2.2µm and using an innovative microlenses array.

The unique technology from Sony (Exmor-RS) consists in a stacking of a pixel array circuit which uses a Back-Side Illuminated (BSI) technology and a logic ISP circuit processed with a 65nm technology node. This allows to raise the pixel array size by 15% and to considerably improve the light sensitivity by integrating an innovative grid and lenses design.

The camera module, with dimensions of 6.2 x 6.0 x 3.8mm, is equipped with a 4-elements lens module integrated in a very low cost package. The CIS is assembled in flip-chip on a ceramic substrate with a gold stud bumping process.

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Camera Module Supply Chain & Companies Profile

Physical Analysis

Camera Module
  • Camera Module View & Dimensions
  • Camera Module X-Ray
  • Camera Module Disassembly
CMOS Image Sensor
  • View & Dimensions
  • Pads, Tungsten Grid
  • TSV Connections
  • CIS Pixels
  • Logic Circuit (Transistors, SRAM)
Cross-Section: Camera Module
  • Overview
  • Ceramic Substrate, IR Filter & FPC
  • Lenses, Housing,
Cross-Section: CMOS Image Sensor
  • Overview
  • Pad Trenches
  • Pixel Array Circuit
  • Logic Circuit
  • TSVs
Comparison with iPhone 6 Rear Camera CIS

CIS Manufacturing Process Flow

  • Global Overview
  • Logic Circuit Front-End Process
  • Pixel Array Circuit Front-End Process
  • BSI + TSV + Microlenses Process
  • CIS Wafer Fabrication Unit
Cost Analysis
  • Synthesis of the cost analysis
  • Main steps of economic analysis
  • Yields Hypotheses
  • CMOS Image Sensor Cost
  • Logic Circuit Front-End Cost
  • Pixel Array Front-end Cost
  • BSI & TSV Front-End Cost
  • Color Filters & Microlenses Front-End Cost
  • Total Front-End Cost
  • Back-End: Tests & Dicing
  • CIS Wafer and Die Cost
  • Camera Module Assembly Cost
  • Lens Module Cost
  • Packaging Cost
  • Final Cost
  • Camera Module Cost
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