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Analog Devices ADIS16136 Precision Angular Rate Sensor

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EUR 6990
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MEMS gyroscopes for tactical grade applications made a lot of progress in the past few years in term of reliability. They are now accepted in high-reliability environments, and are even starting to replace FOGs and other technologies in tactical applications.

The ADIS16136 is a ±450°/sec digital gyroscope sensing system. It uses a low-cost MEMS technology based on Analog Devices iMEMS® process and quad-core design allowing excellent vibration immunity.

In order to achieve a cost effective tactical grade module, Analog Devices uses a very smart design integrating multiple in-house discretes gyro and integrated circuits. This design allows ADI to reuse components from its portfolio and thus to optimize manufacturing cost.

The ADIS16136 is a 36 mm × 44 mm × 14 mm module targeted for applications such as platform control, navigation, robotics, and medical instrumentation.


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Company Profile

Physical Analysis

  • Module
    • Views, Dimensions & Pin-out
    • Opening
  • Electronic Board
    • Components Markings
    • Components Identification
  • MEMS Gyro
    • View, Dimensions & Marking
    • MEMS Cap Removed
    • MEMS Sensing Area
    • MEMS Gyro Principle

Manufacturing Process Flow

  • Global Overview
  • MEMS Process Flow & Wafer Fab Unit
  • Module Assembly Process Flow

Cost Analysis

  • Main steps of economic analysis
  • MEMS Gyro Cost
    • Wafer & Die Cost
    • Component Cost
  • BOM Cost
    • Electronic Board BOM Cost
    • Housing BOM Cost
    • Material Cost Breakdown
  • Module Assembly & Test Cost
    • Electronic Board Assembly Cost
    • Housing Assembly Cost
    • Final Test & Calibration Cost
  • ADIS16136 Module Cost & Estimated Price


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