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3-Axis & 6-Axis eCompass Comparison – Technology and Cost Review

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Magnetometers are widely integrated in consumer applications. More and more devices will require a positioning system and magnetometers are essential for such a purpose. A CAGR of +8% in units is forecasted by Yole Developpement from 2015 to 2020.

In this report, 3-Axis & 6-Axis eCompasses from different suppliers and different generations are compared in term of technology choice, manufacturing process and cost. The main eCompass references have been extracted from a wide selection of smartphones and analyzed. Size and technology quickly evolve but the main players remain AKM and Yamaha, representing more than 80% of the market. Nevertheless, several products from other players have been analyzed as well. These players, like Aichi Steel, ALPS, Bosch, Everspin, Honeywell or MEMSIC use different technologies and could disrupt the market within the next years.

The report includes a description of eCompass technologies (Hall sensor, AMR, GMR, TMR, MI, Fluxgate) and a comprehensive supply chain evaluation for most of 3-Axis & 6-Axis eCompasses. All of this technologies are physically analyzed and compared in this report including new devices like the Yamaha YAS537 3-Axis eCompass found in the Samsung Galaxy S6.

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Overview / Introduction

3-Axis & 6-Axis eCompass Market

  • eCompass Consumer Market
    • MEMS TOP40 Ranking
    • eCompass Consumer Market Share
    • eCompass Average Selling Price (ASP)
  • eCompass Supply Chain
    • 3-Axis eCompass Supply chain
    • 6-Axis eCompass Supply chain
  • eCompass for Smartphone Market
    • eCompass Reference Evolution
    • eCompass Footprint Evolution
    • High-End Phones eCompass Suppliers (Samsung, Apple, HTC, LG, Huawei, Xiaomi)
    • eCompass Design Wins in 2013-2015 Smartphones

eCompass Technologies

  • Magnetometer Technologies
  • Magnetometer Sensitivity vs Maturity
  • Magnetometer Technologies Principle (Hall, Flux Gate, AMR, GMR, TMR)

3-Axis eCompass Technology & Cost Analysis

  • Analyzed 3-Axis eCompass References
  • 3-Axis eCompass Cost Structure, Footprint & Cost Evolution, Sensitivity vs Measurement Range, Cost vs Sensitivity
  • Single-Chip WLCSP 3-Axis eCompass
    • WLCSP eCompass Cost Structure
    • AKM AK8975, AK8973, AK8963 & AK09911
    • Yamaha YAS539, YAS532B & YAS537
    • Bosch BMM150
  • Multi-Chip Molded 3-Axis eCompass
    • Molded eCompass Cost Structure
    • Alps Electric HSCDTD008A
    • MEMSIC MMC3316xMT
    • Honeywell HMC5883
    • STMicroelectronics LIS3MDL
    • Freescale MAG3110

6-Axis eCompass Technology & Cost Analysis

  • Analyzed 6-Axis eCompass References
  • 6-Axis eCompass Cost Structure, Footprint & Cost Evolution, Sensitivity vs Measurement Range, Cost vs Sensitivity
    • Bosch Sensortec BMC050 & BMC150
    • STMicroelectronics LSM303D & LSM303C
    • mCube MC6450
    • Freescale FXOS8700CQ
    • Kionix KMX61
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