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SP19415-EPC2112 Integrated Gate Driver eGaN_1

200V EPC2112 eGaN® HEMT with Monolithic Optimized Gate Driver

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Discover the unique enhancement-mode gallium-nitride (eGaN®) transistor monolithically integrated with a gate driver from EPC.

SP19415-EPC2112 Integrated Gate Driver eGaN_1

GaN devices are penetrating confidently into different applications: for example, wall chargers and LiDAR applications, which are high end solutions that take full benefit of high frequency switching in GaN power devices.  According to Yole Développement’s the GaN power business will reach around $423M by 2023, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 93%.

System Plus Consulting proposes a complete reverse costing of the EPC2112, the first monolithically integrated HEMT from Efficient Power Conversion (EPC). The device is an enhancement-mode gallium-nitride (eGaN®) single Field Effect Transistor (FET) with a Gate Driver Integrated Circuit (IC). It is adapted for High Frequency DC-DC conversion and Wireless Power applications.

This new Integrated Gate Driver eGaN® IC design consists of a 40-mΩ, 200V eGaN® power transistor and an optimized gate driver in a low inductance surface mount Ball Grid Array (BGA) package. Compared with their silicon counterparts, GaN transistors have significantly lowered capacitance. This translates into lowered switching losses at higher frequencies for the same on-resistance and voltage rating. Besides this, EPC’s chip-scale packaging significantly reduces its final device costs, bringing a competitive advantage not only with competitors in GaN but also with silicon.  Based on a complete teardown analysis, this report provides a detailed manufacturing cost analysis of the die and the package as well as the estimated selling price of the device.

Moreover, the report includes a technology and cost comparison of this unique EPC2112 device with the monolithic GaN solution proposed by Navitas. Finally, this report provides a comparison of EPC2112 with the previous 200V EPC GaN device, the EPC2010. This comparison highlights the differences in die design and their impact on production cost.


SP19415-EPC2112 Integrated Gate Driver eGaN_2SP19415-EPC2112 Integrated Gate Driver eGaN_3SP19415-EPC2112 Integrated Gate Driver eGaN_4

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  • Executive Summary
  • Market
  • Reverse Costing Methodology
  • Glossary

Company Profile and Supply Chain

  • EPC Profile
  • EPC GaN Products

Physical Analysis

  • Methodology
  • Summary of the Physical Analysis
  • Package Analysis
    • Package opening
    • Package cross-section
  • Die: IC Gate Driver
    • Die view and dimensions
    • Die cross-section
    • Die process
    • Die process characteristics
  • Die: HEMT
    • Die view and dimensions
    • Die cross-section
    • Die process
    • Die process haracteristics

Manufacturing Process Flow

  • Die Front-End Fabrication Unit
  • Die Front-End Process Flow
  • Final Test and Packaging Fabrication Unit
  • Die Back-End Process Flow

Cost Analysis

  • Summary of the Cost Analysis
  • Yield Explanations and Hypotheses
  • Device Cost
    • Wafer front-end cost
    • Wafer front-end cost per step
    • Packaging cost
    • Die cost
    • Die back-end probe test and dicing cost
    • Component cost

Price Analysis

  • Definition of Prices
  • Estimation of Selling Price


  • Comparison Between EPC’s and Navitas Monolithic HEMT
  • Comparison Between 200V EPC’s devices: EPC2112 and EPC2010
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