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HoloLens technology: the future is assured


Intel Realsense L515 MEMS-Based Solid-State LiDAR Camera

STMicroelectronics’ micromirrors have been steadily accumulating design wins. For example, most recently with the integration of the company’s new PM56A micromirror in Intel’s L515 LiDAR camera. Intel is quite familiar with STMicroelectronics’ capabilities. In fact, in an earlier camera, the F200 3D, Intel based its LiDAR solution on STMicroelectronics’ PM53A micromirror. However, this was an electrostatic micromirror, as opposed to the PM56A, which is electromagnetic.
Equally impressive is the fact that STMicroelectronics’ micromirrors have been revealed as an integral part of Microsoft’s just-announced 10-year, $22 billion contract with the U.S. Army to develop and deliver HoloLens equipment.

Intel RealSense 3D Camera & STMicroelectronics IR Laser Projector

The reverse engineering & costing company, System Plus Consulting recently confirmed not one but four STMicroelectronics micromirrors in Microsoft’s next-generation augmented reality headset, the HoloLens 2.Two micromirrors per eye scanned in X and Y the laser lights toward the holography display.
System Plus Consulting’s analysts found an electromagnetic micromirror, STMicroelectronics’ PM59A, that is remarkably like the micromirror in Intel’s new camera, and a piezoelectric
micromirror, the PM58A for high-speed scanning.

Microsoft – Holographic Lens from Hololens 2 - The Two STMicroelectronics Micromirrors and the Optical Frame of the Hololens - System Plus Consulting

Microsoft – Holographic Lens from Hololens 2 – The Two STMicroelectronics Micromirrors and the Optical Frame of the Hololens

With these state-of-the-art micromirrors onboard and the aforementioned contract from the U.S. Army in hand, the future of HoloLens technology is assured thanks in large part to STMicroelectronics, comments System Plus Consulting.
In addition to electromagnetics, electrostatics, and piezo principles for micromirrors, STMicroelectronics offers a wide range of solutions for applications ranging from semiconductors to smart home. Expect to hear more from this world-leading integrated device manufacturer in the days and weeks to come.


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