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TESS – T-6C007W 12W 1000lm A19 LED Lamp

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TESS (Top Energy Saving System Corp.), a leading LED lamp supplier, headquartered in Taiwan, is promoting a range of low-cost replacement lamps at aggressive prices.

In a standard A19 shape, the LED based TESS Lamp integrates 18 warm white LEDs assembled on an IMS substrate. The driver electronic board is assembled in the base of the lamp. The heat dissipation is performed by the body in aluminum.

The main cost drivers have been optimized in this lamp. The lamp is not dimmable which simplifies the electronic complexity. The thermal contacts are not optimum and the light diffusion is not uniform.

The LED lamp analyzed in this report has a luminous Flux of 1000 lm at 12W and a correlated color temperature (CCT) of 3000K, which makes it suitable for decorative and ambient lighting.

This reverse costing report provides a complete teardown of the LED with:

  • Detailed photos & Material analysis
  • LED assembly description
  • Detailed bill ofmaterials
  • Assembly process flow
  • Manufacturing cost & price estimation


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1. Overview / Introduction

  • Introduction
  • The course of the analysis

2. Company Profile

  • Company Profile
  • Component Characteristics

 3. Physical Analysis

  • Packaging
  • Disassembly
  • Remote Phosphor
  • Disassembly
  • Connector Board
  • LED Substrate
  • LED Substrate – Top Side – Global View
  • LED Substrate – Top Side – High Resolution Photo
  • LED Substrate – Cross-Section
  • LED Package analysis
  • LED Die based on Nichia Technology

 Driver Board


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