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Electronic Boards & Systems cost simulation tool

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Manufacturing cost is the main parameter used to measure profitability or to define the pricing policy, but costing electronic systems is a complex task. Defining the cost of an electronic system requires an estimation of all component costs, including PCB, housing and connectors, and a simulation of the cost of the assembly and test process at the board and system level. The costing modules included in SYScost+ answer all these requirements and help costing engineers get accurate calculations.

SYScost+ is flexible in order to be used in multiple applications.

  • Manufacturing companies can use this tool to prepare quotations or optimize costs after simulating different manufacturing options.
  • Marketing departments are able to assess the manufacturing cost of products available on the market, including cost by function, in order to define a product range.
  • It is also of great help for purchasing managers in fabless or non-electronic companies who want to understand their supplier’s costs.

Smart BoM builder

  • Global system article tree edition using a graphical interface.
  • Article parts can be easily called from browsers, making possible function by function BoM edition.
  • Parts database is enhanced from additional projects and input fields values are preset from a minimum of input data.

Effective purchasing price search tool

  • Working with many price tables, price search can be automated using multiple criteria.
  • Price database allows pricing of standard components and price quotation management.
  • Price simulation can be made from fine-tuning rules, and the number of quotation requests can be reduced.

PCB manufacturing cost simulation

  • SYScost+ includes a PCB cost simulation tool.
  • PCB cost and price can be calculated from a small amount of input data.

Generally applicable assembly cost simulation

  • SYScost+ includes a process-based added value calculation tool, allowing cost simulation of any user defined assembly process.
  • Reference processes stored in the database are used for specific projects, for example: added value will be recalculated from the particular article BoM, workshop type and country related costs, and can be recalculated with just a few clicks after changing any input, such as the manufacturing country.

Customizable and opened output format

  • All results outputs are MS-Excel files.
  • User can create his own format and share it with other users.

Workgroup-compliant, safely

  • All the data managed by SYScost+ are stored in an external MS-Access™ database file.
  • Maintenance tools are included.


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What does Syscost+ include?
Syscost+ includes cost calculation for electronic board, housing, PCB and assembly.


Can I import a bill of material (BOM) into Syscost+ from an Excel file?
Yes, you can import your BOM from an Excel file.


Will Syscost+ advise me to change a component for another to improve cost?
Syscost+ will not advise you but you can choose other components from the database and compare them.


Does Syscost+ include library processes?
Yes, Syscost+ uses generic equipment like single-sided surface mount devices (SMD), double-sided SMD and double-sided with through-hole.


Which technologies can I simulate with Syscost+?
You can simulate any technology by modeling the technology yourself.


Does Syscost+ include a component database?
Yes, Syscost+ includes more than 100 projects. A database which contains more than 20,000 components is also available as an option.


Can I simulate plastic parts with Syscost+?
Yes, Syscost+ allows you to simulate plastic parts.


Can I add new components in Syscost+?
Yes, you can also easily add your own components.


Is Syscost+ an Excel based tool like the other tools?
Unlike the other tools, Syscost+ is Access based. You need an Access license in addition to the Excel license to set up the tool.



What is the difference between the site license and the corporate license?
The site license is for all employees in just one location. The corporate license is for all employees from the same company worldwide.


Once I get the license, do I need to pay something else?
The license includes maintenance for the first year. After the first year, if you wish to keep receiving our support and updates, you will need to pay the maintenance fees only. It will cost between 1,000€ and 3,500€ depending on your license type and tool.


Why should I pay for maintenance after the first year? Can I get maintenance for free?
Thanks to the maintenance, you get updates to the tools and database every year. Maintenance also includes support from our team.

The first year, the update is included in the license fees. You don’t have to add any other fee. However, after this first year, you will have to purchase our yearly maintenance to get our tools and database updates.


Can I test the tools before buying it?
System Plus Consulting doesn’t provide any trial version but you can schedule a one-hour WebEx demo with the team to get a better understanding of which tool you might need.



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