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MEMS Price+

Costing tool for MEMS devices

Last update date
1.0.2 (Database SP1)
Product code
EUR 10 450
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For a long time, the production cost evaluation of MEMS has been limited by the extreme variability of MEMS processes. MEMS Price+ breaks this barrier with a cost model mixing global parameters and technologies.

  • The simulation is based on a description of the structure (dies dimensions and functions), and the selection of the technology from a comprehensive database.
  • A fine knowledge of the MEMS or IC processes is no more necessary to operate an accurate cost simulation.

System Plus Consulting has published more than 100 reverse costing reports on MEMS devices, and has used its expertise to propose an efficient and easy-to-use cost simulation tool able to simulate most of the MEMS technologies in production.

  • MEMS Price+ allows to calculate the production cost and selling price of a wafer, die, packaged MEMS or System-in-Package including an unlimited number of dies. The tool includes a comprehensive database of the main players MEMS processes.

No admin privilege is required for setup

  • MEMS Price+ is working from a single MS-Excel™ file and an external and sharable data file.
  • Requires only basic MS-Excel ™ or MS-Office™ suite (from 2007 to 2013 release).

Results are fully open-format

  • You can modify or export final results, and build reports in your own style as in any Excel workbook.

Workgroup-compliant, safely

  • All the data managed by MEMS Price+ are stored in an external MS-Access™ database file. Data cannot be read from the single Excel file and access rights to the database are needed. Multiple access, data sharing and data integrity are secured.


  • An on-line training is included in order to quickly be able to use all the functionalities of the tool.

Market relevant features

  • Commercial life cycle and price versus quantity rules can be set to fit precisely your market.

Open technology models

  • MEMS Price+ is ready to estimate MEMS wafers for more than 30 technologies from various suppliers (Bosch, STMicroelectronics, Knowles, Freescale…) and is updated with new processes detected and analyzed by System Plus Consulting.
  • The model for Integrated Circuits is using a generator to simulate most of technology variations down to 22nm CMOS, including BiCMOS, BCD and more.

Multiple subcontracting operations

  • Costs of usually externalized operations can be precisely evaluated by setting their individual regional and commercial parameters.
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Do the tools include a component library?
Our Price+ tools do not include any component library but our CoSim+ tools do.


How can I learn to use the tools?
All tools include a helper. In Price+ there is a guide available at each step of your work, in each window.
If needed, when you buy one of our tools, you can schedule a one-hour training session via WebEx with our engineers. You can also purchase an on-site training session if needed.


Which parameters are absolutely necessary to know how to use the tools?
To use our tools, you will need to know at least the location of the fab, the technology type and node, and die dimension, the manufacturing quantity and the manufacturer.


What kind of devices can I simulate with MEMS Price+?
You can simulate most of MEMS devices: inertial, environmental, microphone, BAW filter, oscillators and micro-mirror.


Can I simulate multi-die processes with MEMS Price+?
Yes, you can simulate multi-die processes. You can simulate MEMS dies and also ASICs.



What is the difference between the site license and the corporate license?
The site license is for all employees in just one location. The corporate license is for all employees from the same company worldwide.


Once I get the license, do I need to pay something else?
The license includes maintenance for the first year. After the first year, if you wish to keep receiving our support and updates, you will need to pay the maintenance fees only. It will cost between 1,000€ and 3,500€ depending on your license type and tool.


Why should I pay for maintenance after the first year? Can I get maintenance for free?
Thanks to the maintenance, you get updates to the tools and database every year. Maintenance also includes support from our team.

The first year, the update is included in the license fees. You don’t have to add any other fee. However, after this first year, you will have to purchase our yearly maintenance to get our tools and database updates.


Can I test the tools before buying it?
System Plus Consulting doesn’t provide any trial version but you can schedule a one-hour WebEx demo with the team to get a better understanding of which tool you might need.



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