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IC Price+

Costing tool for integrated circuits

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3.0.00 (Database SP1)
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System Plus Consulting has developed a powerful costing tool to evaluate the cost of any Integrated Circuit:

ASICs, microcontrollers, DSP, memories, smartpower…

 IC Price+performs the necessary cost simulations to make strategic decisions.

From a detailed data input list and fine tuning of technical parameters, IC Price+ will help you to:

  • Evaluate a new technology through yield and cost evolution
  • Calculate the production cost and selling price of any IC, depending on foundries and manufacturers
  • Evaluate the relationships between an IC function, a technology, equipment and manufacturing cost, floor price, NRE, etc.

IC Price+ includes a comprehensive database:

  • Technologies: Bipolar, CMOS, BiCMOS, AsGa, SOI from 5µm to 0.045µm, and technology generator
  • Packages: around 700 types, in plastic or ceramic, and package generator
  • Manufacturing Fab Units: more than 900 worldwide and foundry generator.


IC Price+ delivers the following results:

  • Purchase cost of processed wafers detailed into clean room cost, equipment cost, consumables cost, salaries,
  • Wafer fabrication yield, number of dies per wafer,
  • Cost of the tested wafer, cost of the bare die, probe test yield,
  • Assembly cost, assembly yield, final test cost,
  • Manufacturing cost of the component, floor price, selling price, market price





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Setup instructions to update IC Price+ v2


No files for download yet.

Do the tools include a component library?
Our Price+ tools do not include any component library but our CoSim+ tools do.


How can I learn to use the tools?
All tools include a helper. In Price+ there is a guide available at each step of your work, in each window.
If needed, when you buy one of our tools, you can schedule a one-hour training session via WebEx with our engineers. You can also purchase an on-site training session if needed.


Which parameters are absolutely necessary to know how to use the tools?
To use our tools, you will need to know at least the location of the fab, the technology type and node, and die dimension, the manufacturing quantity and the manufacturer.


What is the minimum technology node available in IC Price+?
The minimum technology node available in IC Price+ is 14 nm.


How many fabs does the IC Price+ library contain?
IC Price+ contains more than 800 fab units.



What is the difference between the site license and the corporate license?
The site license is for all employees in just one location. The corporate license is for all employees from the same company worldwide.


Once I get the license, do I need to pay something else?
The license includes maintenance for the first year. After the first year, if you wish to keep receiving our support and updates, you will need to pay the maintenance fees only. It will cost between 1,000€ and 3,500€ depending on your license type and tool.


Why should I pay for maintenance after the first year? Can I get maintenance for free?
Thanks to the maintenance, you get updates to the tools and database every year. Maintenance also includes support from our team.

The first year, the update is included in the license fees. You don’t have to add any other fee. However, after this first year, you will have to purchase our yearly maintenance to get our tools and database updates.


Can I test the tools before buying it?
System Plus Consulting doesn’t provide any trial version but you can schedule a one-hour WebEx demo with the team to get a better understanding of which tool you might need.

You still have questions, we have answered more of them, just click on the below button to consult them.
Otherwise contact us:

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