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TSMC dominates the Fan-Out market: ASE and others are catching up

  Extracted from : Fan-Out WLP and PLP Applications and Technologies 2021 HiSilicon Hi1382 Coherent...

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High-end inertial sensors market: Analog Devices is staying strong with its industrial MEMS IMUs

  Extracted from : Analog Devices High-End Accelerometers and Gyroscopes Comparison High End Inertial Sensors...

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Apple vs. Huawei: decoupled economies, tech & supply chains

  By Junko Yoshida for EETIMES – An accelerated U.S. vs. China trade war has elevated “decoupling” into...

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3D-NAND: the ever-increasing manufacturing complexity

  Extracted from : 5G Packaging Trends for Smartphones report, Yole Développement, 2021 RF Front-End...

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HoloLens technology: the future is assured

  Intel Realsense L515 MEMS-Based Solid-State LiDAR Camera STMicroelectronics’ micromirrors have been steadily accumulating design...

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