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Bulk & thin-film piezo devices: a US$48.5 billion opportunity

Extracted from :
• Piezoelectric Devices: from bulk to thin-film – Market & Technology report, Yole Développement, 2019
• Piezoelectric material from bulk to thin film – Comparison report, System Plus Consulting, 2019

“The piezoelectric market for sensors, actuators, and transducers is expected to reach US$48.5 billion in 2024, with a 12.6% CAGR(1) from 2018 – 2024 on comparable devices in bulk and thin-film technologies.» says Jérôme Mouly, Senior Technology & Market Analyst & Business Developer Yole Développement (Yole). « Thin-film piezo-based devices are driving the market’s growth, though market share is still in favour of bulk-based devices, which remains a strong technology in the piezo market ».

In both bulk and thin-film device markets, RF filters lead with SAW(2) and BAW(3), respectively. Broadcom and Qorvo are the major thin-film players in the RF(4) filters arena. 5G with an increasing number of frequencies will strongly boost the market.
The recent fundraising efforts of consumer players like Amazon in thin-film-based companies to support the development of piezo microspeakers and MEMS piezo microphones confirm mainstream interest in technologies, explains Jérôme Mouly from Yole. Such technologies are indeed able to work with ultra-low power. Bulk piezo devices offer the high actuation performance that is expected in a number of applications, from inkjet printheads to linear motors achieving very precise movements.
In this context, Yole and System Plus Consulting’s analysts join forces to deliver two dedicated reports : Piezoelectric Devices: from bulk to thin-film – Market & Technology and Piezoelectric material from bulk to thin film – Comparison. The first report forecasts the growth of bulk and thin-film piezo devices over the next five years, illustrating the trends and dynamics of these two methods, with a market focus on thin-film-based devices, by application. The second one, provides insights and technology data for a large range of functions based on piezoelectric material characteristics.
Based on these two reports, Yole Développement and System Plus Consulting, members of Yole Group of Companies, deliver a comprehensive vision of piezoelectric industry.

Power Module Packaging Market Figures Overview

“Piezoelectric materials allow interactions between both worlds, electronic and mechanic,” explains Sylvain Hallereau from System Plus Consulting. “Actuator and sensor functions can be so directly integrated with electronic die. Today piezoelectric materials are so more and more used in modules.” Specific to thin-film techniques, several MEMS foundries have internalized a thin-film piezo process in their fab. AlN(5) requires extensive knowledge for piezo layer deposition, while PZT(6) is an exotic material for integration in a semiconductor fab. In terms of deposition, two technologies are competing: Sol-Gel and PVD (sputtering or pulsed laser deposition – PLD). Sol-Gel offers better intrinsic film properties, with good uniformity and higher breakdown voltages. But when considering high volume production, throughput becomes a major consideration and this is where Sol-Gel exhibits limitations.
Most MEMS IDM(7)s and foundries have already made their process choices. Fujifilm Dimatix and Robert Bosch have chosen sputtering, while Epson and Rohm Semiconductor will pursue Sol-Gel techniques. Yole’s analysts had the opportunity to debate with Robert Bosch and conducted a dedicated interview of Dr. Udo-Martin Gómez, Senior Vice President at Robert Bosch: The piezoelectric blessing is bestowed upon many MEMS devices.
“When we started the pre-development phase of piezoelectric MEMS, we made a thorough analysis of our application needs and compared this with the known deposition technologies, like Sol-Gel, PLD, Sputtering and others. In the end we decided on sputtering. Sputtering tools are well known in semiconductor fabs. The supply chain regarding sputter targets and other media is well established. This results in process and material properties which are under all circumstances controllable and reproducible even in high volume….” explains Dr. Udo-Martin Gómez from Robert Bosch. More on

Equipment manufacturers play an important role in developing the right process: for example, SolMAteS, a Netherlands-based equipment manufacturer, recently announced that its PLD technology has entered the next 5G base-station and receiver device market through a production site located in the USA…
All year long, Yole Group of Companies publishes numerous Manufacturing reports including the piezoelectricity reports collection. Yole’s experts realize various key presentations all year long. Discover them on i-Micronews and well as the 2020 program. Stay tuned!

(1): CAGR : Compound Annual Growth Rate
(2): SAW : Surface Acoustic Waves
(3): BAW : Bulk Acoustic Waves
(4): RF : Radio Frequency
(5): AlN : Aluminium Nitride
(6): PZT : Lead Zirconate Titanate (piezoelectric ceramic material)
(7): IDM : Integrated Device Manufacturer


Piezoelectric devices: from bulk to thin-film 2019
How strongly will piezoelectric’s good vibrations resonate in the device market? – Performed by Yole Développement


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Piezoelectric Material From Bulk to Thin Film – Comparison 2019
Unique technical and cost review of 16 piezoelectric modules from market pioneers, including transducers, inkjet dies, MEMS gyroscopes, RF filters, MEMS microphones and micro-speakers. – Performed by System Plus Consulting


About the authors:
Jérôme Mouly serves as a Senior Technology & Market Analyst & Business Developer specialized in microtechnologies within the Photonics & Sensing team at Yole Développement (Yole). Jérôme actively assists and supports the development of strategic projects, working with leading customers of the company. Since 2000, he has also been engaged in more than 100 marketing and technological analyses for industrial groups, start-ups and institutes in the field of MEMS, especially inkjet printheads and dispensing technologies as well as the related manufacturing processes. Through the group’s numerous activities at Yole, Jérôme covers the whole microelectronic supply chain including manufacturing processes and device development. Jérôme Mouly holds a Master of Physics from the University of Lyon (France).
Sylvain Hallereau is in charge of costing analyses for IC, power and MEMS at System Plus Consulting. He has more than 10 years of experience in power device manufacturing cost analysis and has studied a wide range of technologies. He holds a Master degree in Micro-electronics from the University of Nantes.
Guillaume Chevalier has joined System Plus Consulting in early 2018 to perform physical analyses. He holds a two-year university degree in technology of physical measurements and instru-mentation technics.



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