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APPLE iPHONE 13 SERIES – Teardown & Bill of Material – Combined Offer

From system to components, get a quick access to all the data of the latest released Apple smartphones.

IPhone13 Teardown release

System Plus Consulting and Fomalhaut join forces to provide you a quick and complete access to the latest tore down Apple iPhone products. The combined offer provides you with a full overview of the systems and components present.

The teardowns of the iPhone 13 will be available very soon through flash reports by Fomalhaut and more detailed reports by System Plus Consulting. We offer you the opportunity to buy the complementary analyses at the competitive price of USD 4,500. Individual report sale are also possible.

IPhone13 Teardown release_Flyer

Stay updated on their release on and benefit from additional discount, if you buy several of them.

More details about the combined offer:

Detailed Report

  • Online web-based teardown with high resolution pictures at every steps
  • Highly detailed block-diagram
  • All ICs identification, ICs X-Ray, IC package decap, dies size & pictures, technology node
  • Detailed parts lists with fully-costed BOMs
  • Power measurement

Example of System Plus Consulting detailed teardown

Flash Report

  • PCB level IC and component function/manufacturer identification in Powerpoint
  • BOM cost including counting all parts in Excel
  • About 150 high resolution photos

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