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Under the Hood: A Tesla Model 3 Tear-Down After a Hardware Retrofit


An article written by Junko Yoshida and Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio, for EETIMES, in collaboration with Romain Fraux, CEO at System Plus Consulting.


Tesla Model 3 is a three-year old model. And yet, with software updates and a hardware swap (from HW 2.5 to HW3.0), Tesla is promising to keep Tesla 3 relevant and get it ready for full self-driving future.

At least, that’s their promise.

A mildly cultish cadre of tech-savvy consumers in Silicon Valley are hooked on Tesla and can’t get enough. They love the car, they like its electric propulsion and they follow Elon Musk’s tweets religiously.

Above all, they admire Tesla’s clean, elegant vehicle architecture, designed from the ground up. Tesla can add new features and even upgrade vehicle performance almost magically, by over-the-air (OTA) software updates. None of the other car OEMs — their vehicles tied to legacy platforms — have engineered so sweeping a method of software-based vehicle update.

In this latest “Under the hood” series with System Plus Consulting (Nante, France), we take a deeper look inside Tesla Model 3, with focus on the automotive sensors and Autopilot ECU Tesla deployed inside Model 3…Full story

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