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Costing reports

  • IRay Technology 12µm and 17µm Thermal Sensors

    Comparison between 12µm and first and second generation 17µm LWIR microbolometers from Chinese manufacturer IRay Technology’s.

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  • Samsung LPDDR5 12GB Mobile Memory

    In-depth physical and cost analysis of Samsung’s ‘1y-nm’ low power DRAM.

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  • Smartphone Camera Module Comparison 2020 Vol 2: Focus on Samsung

    Evolution of Samsung’s smartphone camera since 2016 with detailed technical and cost analyses of the Galaxy S20 Ultra Galaxy S10+, Galaxy S9+, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S7.

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  • SiC Diode Comparison 2020

    Comparison of the technology and cost of 11 SiC diodes from Infineon, Wolfspeed, Rohm, STMicroelectronics, ON Semiconductor, Microsemi, and UnitedSiC.

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  • Sensonor STIM318 Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)

    Newest IMU with 9-axis detection and gyro bias instability of 0.3°/h from Sensonor.

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Most recent Costing

  • IC Price+

    Costing tool for integrated circuits

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  • MEMS CoSim+

    MEMS manufacturing cost simulation tool

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  • Power CoSim+

    Semiconductors manufacturing cost simulation tool

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  • LED CoSim+

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  • 3D-Package CoSim+

    Package manufacturing cost simulation tool

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  • Optical Transceivers & Silicon Photonics Forum 2020

    Sept. 9 2020, PM Shenzhen, China

    September 9 2020, PM – Shenzhen, China – Online access Light communication is spreading everywhere!….

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  • Imaging & LiDAR for Automotive Forum 2020

    Sept. 10 2020, AM Shenzhen, China

    September 10 2020, AM – Shenzhen, China Get a clear view of key automotive vision…

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New articles

  • Camera modules industry: after proliferation, Yole announces a diversification

      Extracted from : • CMOS Camera Module Industry for Consumer & Automotive Yole Développement,…

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  • TF-SAW vs. BAW: RF companies set their objectives and make strategic choices

      Extracted from : • SAW Filter Comparison 2020 report, System Plus Consulting, 2020 •…

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  • Memory markets poised for major changes as COVID-19 weighs on demand

      Extracted from : • Status of the Memory Industry 2020 report Yole Développement, 2020…

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