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Costing reports

  • Mitsubishi J1- Series 650V High-Power Modules for Automotive

    The first power module with 7th-gen CSTBT IGBT and an innovative integrated substrate.

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  • Miniaturized Gas Sensor Comparison 2018

    Comparison of four gas sensors for consumer applications made by Bosch, ams and Sensirion.

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  • 1200V Silicon IGBT vs SiC MOSFET Comparison 2018

    Technology and cost analysis of thirteen silicon IGBTs and eight SiC MOSFETs from eight different manufacturers shows their potential.

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  • Ainstein T-79: Automotive 79GHz Short Range Radar

    A next-generation short-range, wideband and high-resolution radar sensor for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

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  • Xaar 1201 GS2p5 PZT Printhead

    Xaar partners with Ricoh to develop its first MEMS inkjet die with thin film PZT technology.

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Most recent Costing

  • IC Price+

    Costing tool for integrated circuits

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  • MEMS CoSim+

    MEMS manufacturing cost simulation tool

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  • MEMS Price+

    Costing tool for MEMS

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  • Power CoSim+

    Semiconductors manufacturing cost simulation tool

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  • Power Price+

    Costing tool for active power components & modules

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  • Costing Methods Training Sessions : Integrated Circuits – MEMS – Power – Electronics Boards

    Next 2018 training sessions will be organised in October in Netherlands. We offer four different training…

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  • SIA VISION 2018

    October 9 - 10, 2018

    System Plus Consulting at SIA Vision 2018? Sylvain Hallereau, Semiconductor Devices Project Manager at System…

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New articles

  • Radar for automotive: we are entering a new age…

    Extracted from: Radar Technologies for Automotive report, 2017 edition and LiDAR for Automotive & Industrial…

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  • Power module packaging: latest innovations are driven by EV/HEV and WBG technologies

    Extracted from: Power Module Packaging 2018: Material Market & Technology Trends report, Yole Développement –…

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  • 2018, a new year for RF FE module market

    Press Release by System Plus Consulting, Knowmade & Yole Développement, July 2018

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