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3D Sensing for Consumer Forum 2021

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September 2 2021, 2PM – 6PM CEST – Shenzhen, China

Technology continues to empower the 3D sensing consumer industry.


The 4th Yole Développement and CIOE forum on 3D Sensing for Consumer!

Mobile phones are experiencing turbulence, which is affecting 3D imaging and sensing. As 4G upgrades to 5G mobile, phone costs increase, affecting manufacturers’ plans to upgrade mobile phone cameras. Meanwhile the trade conflict between China and the United States has also led to a sharp decline in Huawei’s mobile phone business and to the rise of Xiaomi, a less innovative player in the context of Mobile 3D sensing.

However, these problems are only temporary and local. In 2020, Apple launched the rear-facing 3D camera with direct Time of Flight (dToF) sensing in its iPad Pro and iPhone 12 Pro. dTOF 3D cameras have innate advantages compared with indirect ToF (iToF) used in Android phones, such as digital dynamic range and response time. From a technology point of view, dTOF will undoubtedly advance the entire 3D sensing market. For the front-facing 3D camera, Apple has continued to use Structured Light and has extended it to the whole series. Android players haven’t given up on it either, as the under-screen Structured Light solution has already been demonstrated. In short, the development of technology is further increasing the capacity of the 3D sensing market. It is therefore gaining traction in other consumer electronics products, such as smart homes, vacuum robot cleaners, and smart door locks.

So please join us and participate in this event to discuss about the bright future of 3D sensing.

Key reasons to be here!


Presentation by Sylvain Hallereau: “Consumer Lidar Teardown and Cost Review: 3D direct ToF Lidar from Apple iPhone & iPad” – do not miss it!


Where? Online or in Shenzhen, China

When? September 2nd 2021, 2PM – 6PM

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Sylvain Hallereau

Technology & Cost Analyst – System Plus Consulting

Sylvain Hallereau has been Project Manager at System Plus Consulting since 2000. He is in charge of costing analyses for Integrated Circuits, Power semiconductors and LEDs. He has significant experience in the modeling of manufacturing costs for electronics components, Sylvain holds a Master degree in Microelectronics from the University of Nantes, France.



Richard Liu
Technology & Market Analyst – Imaging – Yole Développement

Richard Liu is a Technology and Market Analyst in the Photonics, Sensing & Display division at Yole Développement, part of Yole Group of Companies. Based in Shenzhen (China), Richard is dedicated on imaging activity (Monitors) as well as the development of technology & market reports
Prior to Yole, Richard was engaged in camera module design on image sensor, AF/OIS at Onsemi, before this, he worked as a customer-application-technologist in Micron/Aptina Imaging. Richard has over 12 years post graduate experience in both of imaging semiconductor and camera module industry, he has the successful track record in developing projects for the tier one smart phone and module makers, which brought him wide industry connection in the CMOS image sensor supply chain and ecosystem
Richard graduated from Wuhan University (China) and holds an Electronics Engineering Degree.


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