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Costing reports

  • Leading-edge 3D NAND Memory Comparison 2018

    A deep technology analysis and cost comparison report on cutting edge 3D NAND memory chips from Toshiba/SanDisk, Samsung, SK Hynix and Intel/Micron.

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  • Orbbec’s Front 3D Depth Sensing System in the Oppo Find X

    The first introduction of Orbbec’s 3D front depth sensing system in a mobile application featuring a global shutter, a dot projector and a custom system-on-chip.

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  • Wafer to Wafer Permanent Bonding Comparison 2018

    Wafer bonding structure, process and cost analysis for CMOS image sensors, inertial, pressure and radio-frequency MEMS devices and LEDs.

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  • Bonding and Lithography Equipment Market for More than Moore Devices

    More than Moore devices fueled by megatrend applications will strongly drive the growth of the lithography, permanent bonding, and temporary bonding and debonding equipment market.

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  • Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Teardown and Identification of Key Components

    Discover Xiaomi’s latest flagship Key devices, technical choices on 3D Sensing and main suppliers to compete against Apple’s iPhone X/Xs/Xr.

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Most recent Costing

  • IC Price+

    Costing tool for integrated circuits

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  • MEMS CoSim+

    MEMS manufacturing cost simulation tool

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  • MEMS Price+

    Costing tool for MEMS

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  • Power CoSim+

    Semiconductors manufacturing cost simulation tool

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  • Power Price+

    Costing tool for active power components & modules

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  • Webcast: DRAM and NAND market: What to expect?

    Free Webcast – December 6, 2018 at 5 PM CEST – 8 AM PDT Despite…

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  • SEMICON Europa

    November 13 - 16, 2018

    System Plus Consulting at SEMICON Europa? Elena Barbarini, Head of Department Devices at System Plus…

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New articles

  • What is driving the power electronics industry?

    Extracted from the following reports: Status of the Power Electronics Industry – Automotive Power Module…

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  • Air quality monitoring: cars, homes & buildings are driving the gas and particle sensor market

    Extracted from : Gas and Particle Sensors 2018 report from Yole Développement – Miniaturized Gas…

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  • ST’s Automotive Plans

    Article by Junko Yoshida, EETimes, November 2018

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