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  • Texas Instruments DLP5531 DMD Automotive

    First high-definition digital micromirror device for headlight automotive applications.

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  • ams’ NanEye Mini Camera

    Cost-effective 1 mm2 miniature camera with customizable wafer-level optics for endoscopy and novel medical imaging devices.

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  • Axis P1375-E Network Camera

    Discover Axis’s high-end product integrating its latest ARTPEC-7 in-house system-on-chip dedicated to network video and machine learning capabilities.

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  • InnoLight’s 400G QSFP-DD Optical Transceiver

    Deep analysis of the 400Gb optical transceiver from a leading Chinese company.

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  • Silicon IGBT Comparison 2021

    Exhaustive technology and cost comparisons of 31 Silicon IGBTs from Infineon, ON Semiconductor, STMicroelectronics, Mitsubishi, Rohm, Toshiba, Fuji Electric, Littelfuse, ABB, Microsemi, and the IGBT in StarPower’s module.

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Most recent Costing

  • IC Price+

    Costing tool for integrated circuits

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  • MEMS CoSim+

    MEMS manufacturing cost simulation tool

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  • Power CoSim+

    Semiconductors manufacturing cost simulation tool

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  • LED CoSim+

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  • 3D-Package CoSim+

    Package manufacturing cost simulation tool

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  • electronic displays Conference 2021

    Mar. 1-5, 2021 Online

    Audrey Larhach, Technology & Cost Analyst at System Plus Consulting, and Zine Bouhamri, Team Lead Analyst…

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  • Yole Discovery Webinar: Product Teardowns

    December 2, 2020 - 2PM EST - 8PM CET - 11AM PST Online
    WebpageBanner_Yole Discovery Webinar-Product Teardowns 2020_background

    Free Webcast – December 2, 2020 at 2PM EST – 8PM CET – 11AM PST…

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New articles

  • Apple’s use of lidar is a sign of the 3D sensing boom to come. How to play it

      An article written by Kif Leswing, for CNBC in collaboration with Taha Ayari,  Technology & Cost Analyst…

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  • Under the hood: Microbolometer-based thermal AI camera

      An article written by Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio, for EETIMES. China’s Hikvision is one…

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  • The importance of SiC semiconductors for energy efficiency

      An article written by Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio, for EETIMES, in collaboration with Amine…

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